Unlocking social impact: establishing and administering foundations in Mauritius.

July 18, 2023 4:15 pm Published by

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Setting up foundations in Mauritius
Are you a visionary philanthropist seeking to create a lasting impact? Look no further than Mauritius, a premier destination for setting up and administering foundations dedicated to driving positive change.


Mauritius offers an exceptional ecosystem for foundations, combining a robust legal framework, attractive tax benefits, and a supportive environment. Here are the key reasons why Mauritius stands out as a preferred choice for establishing and managing foundations:

  1. A solid legal foundation: Mauritius has a well-established legal framework that provides clarity and flexibility for the establishment and operation of foundations. The jurisdiction offers different types of foundations, including charitable, family, and private foundations, accommodating diverse philanthropic goals and strategies.
  2. Streamlined setup process: Setting up a foundation in Mauritius is a seamless and efficient process. With clear guidelines and a supportive regulatory environment, philanthropists can navigate the process smoothly, ensuring their focus remains on creating impactful programs and initiatives.
  3. Tax advantages: Mauritius offers attractive tax benefits for foundations, enhancing their capacity to generate meaningful social impact.
  4. Financial expertise and governance: Mauritius is home to a robust financial services sector, providing access to expert advice and professional support in foundation administration. Moreover, foundations in Mauritius adhere to stringent governance standards, ensuring transparency, accountability and good governance practices.
  5. International recognition: Mauritius is renowned for its commitment to international standards and regulations in the financial sector. With a strong reputation for transparency and compliance, foundations established in the jurisdiction gain credibility and trust among global stakeholders.
  6. Investment opportunities: Foundations in Mauritius can explore diverse investment opportunities to maximise their social impact. The jurisdiction’s thriving financial market offers avenues for impact investing, sustainable finance, and socially responsible investments, further aligning foundations’ missions with financial sustainability.

By choosing Mauritius as the base for your foundation, you join a vibrant community of philanthropists dedicated to effecting positive change. Together, we can address pressing social issues, drive innovation, and empower communities.

If you’re passionate about creating transformative impact and want to establish a foundation that makes a difference, consider Mauritius as your philanthropic destination of choice. Let’s embark on a journey of social change, together!

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