In response of the fast-changing global economic landscape and the rise of FinTech, the Government of Mauritius have set up various schemes to foreigners who wish to move to Mauritius, invest in real estate, work, live or retire in Mauritius. Relocating your personal and professional activities can bring numerous advantages, especially when choosing Mauritius.

Our team at Nexus will accompany you throughout this important step and facilitate the relocation process for you, your family and employees. We are committed to providing you with a rigorous support in your administrative and organisational procedures, , by providing you with assistance in the application process, real estate consulting, travelling support, administrative assistance and private services (house staff recruitment, maintenance, etc.).

We help you with the following:

  • Application process for permits (investor, professional and retirement)
  • Personal administrative assistance
  • Travel arrangements assistance
  • Assistance with acquisition or rental of property in Mauritius
  • Assistance with finding schools for kids
  • Assistance with pets’ relocation
  • Assistance with opening of bank account
  • No distinction anymore between residence and work permit, it is combined under the occupation permit