Our Story

  • Nexus Global Financial Services Limited was founded in 2011.
  • The founders of Nexus have over 100 years of combined experience obtained at the highest level with international and multinational firms.
  • The founders of Nexus have decided to leave big multinational organisations where clients are just numbers to join hands to form a boutique firm which will add value and accompany individuals clients, Entrepreneurs & corporates through their respective business life cycle.
  • Our objective is to provide you unwavering support at every stage of your business’s lifecycle, from creation through active operations and growth, to eventual termination.
  • Both of us benefit from building long term partnerships. Over time we will develop a thorough understanding of your needs that will ensure they we provide you with the optimum support and tailored solutions for your corporate and commercial activities.

What We Do

  • Nexus is an international and cross-sector Corporate, Trust, Fiduciary and Fund Administration Boutique Service Provider.
  • We are a global service provider with a special focus on African continent where we have a good footprint through our contacts and partners.
  • We are an experienced corporate service provider with a comprehensive knowledge of the local regulatory landscape and we have a good working relationship with the competent authorities. We understand industry best practice and we are a valuable partner who can ensure that you meet legal and regulatory liabilities and ensure ongoing compliance.
  • We are a specialist offshore corporate service provider who can help you choose the right corporate vehicle and the right jurisdiction for your intended objectives. We can advise on structuring an appropriate entity to meet your business’s needs now and as it grows.
  • Speed and delivery of services is essential to us and we proud ourselves of having a maximum of 24 hours response time
  • We have experienced staffs who will manage the day-to-day operations of your company and provide expert board support. This includes maintaining statutory records and registers and organising board and shareholder meetings
  • We will ensure that there will be a proper governance framework in place, which means that we will regularly hold formal board meetings and documenting discussions and decisions. Directorship services are very important part of our offering. Our clients have told us that Nexus presence on their boards not only provides convenience and expertise to their operations but also helps to ensure they meet their regulatory, corporate governance and economic substance requirements.

Clients come first

We aim to deliver superior client service

Our Values

Clients come firstWe aim to deliver superior client service. In doing so, we are responsive to our clients’ expectations, treat them fairly in every interaction and communicate with them in an open and transparent manner.

Key values: Fairness, clear communications, openness, and transparency.

CollaborationWe believe in creating a collegiate environment that helps to deliver favorable client outcomes. At Nexus, we promote positive interactions, co-operation and teamwork across all levels of our business and across different functions.

Key values: Collegiality, teamwork, collaboration.

Integrity and accountabilityThe character of our people, across all areas of our business, is as important as their technical knowhow. We believe all our staffs must have integrity, be accountable for their areas of responsibility and demonstrate effective risk management at all times. We aim to attract, develop and retain the best people, who all see Nexus as a desirable place to work.

Key values: Integrity, accountability, expertise, talent.

Our Team

We have a deep pool of experienced corporate services professionals such as qualified corporate administrators, chartered accountants and chartered secretaries.

Our Network

While we are headquartered in Mauritius, our international experience and network of partners allow us to provide our clients with tailor-made services across jurisdictions. Our network and reach include international and renowned banks, financial advisors, wealth planners, fund managers, law and audit firms across the globe.