About Mauritius

A multicultural nation of 1.3 million people located strategically in the South-East Indian Ocean, Mauritius offers a range of investment opportunities in different sectors. Ranked 1st In Africa and 13th worldwide in terms of ease of doing business, its stable governance creates the perfect business climate possible.

Over the years, Mauritius has crafted a strong growth-oriented development path which has enabled it to achieve one of the highest per capita incomes in Africa. Indeed, from USD 400 in 1968 when we obtained our independence, our development strategy has propelled us in the league of high-income countries with a GNI per capita of USD 12,840 in 2019. This strategy, built on a combination of political stability, strong institutional framework, and favourable regulatory environment have established the foundation for economic development, while open trade policies have been key in sustaining growth, gradually transforming Mauritius from a monocrop economy dependent on sugar cane as main source of foreign earnings in the 1960s into a competitive, well-diversified and broad-based economy which is now open for investment in over 15 sectors of activity.

Mauritius is a beacon of political, social and economic stability. With its wide network of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements and Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (IPPAs), Mauritius offers investors a conducive environment for doing business which guarantees predictability, certainty and security.

Mauritius has a sophisticated, transparent and well-regulated international financial centre with a conducive ecosystem offering a complete range of financial products such as treasury management centres, global funds, protected cell companies, captives, family offices and trusts. To incentivise new activities, the Government has introduced tax holidays for setting up regional headquarters, investment banking, and fund management, amongst others.